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  • Ep.1 – Food Plot Updates, and "What's the Best Broadhead" Discussion

    Folks have asked for more "long-form" style discussions – similar to a podcast – on a variety of topics, so here we go! In this video, Chris discusses:
    - The projects - habitat or otherwise - that have been eating his time;
    - Updates on the Soybean and Corn food plots that were recently planted;...

  • Ep.2 – Antler Development/Cycling in Elk

    In this video, Chris goes over:
    - the annual antler development cycle
    - how to determine stage of antler development from pictures/video
    - the effects of age on antler development and timing
    - the effects of forage quantity, quality, and timing on antler development and body condition
    - how body ...

  • Ep.3 - 2019 Colorado Snowpack and Elk Distribution

    In this episode, Chris goes over:
    - Snowpack and its effects on elk distribution across habitats vs. rut timing
    - Clarification on snowpack estimates within different basins
    - Snowpack in different habitats/elevations
    - Similarities of winter 2018/2019 with winter 2011/2012
    - Not all regions/basi...

  • Ep.4 – Elk Scouting and Mtn Characteristics

    In this episode, Chris covers two different, but related, topics that are always the subject of questions this time of year; namely "how does Chris go about finding a hunting area," and "why aren't elk up in the high country" in certain areas/on certain years? Topics covered include:
    – different...

  • Ep. 5 - 2019 No Limits Archery Shop Seminar: Why Do Elk Still Swing Downwind

    On August 7th, 2019 Chris gave an elk hunting/calling/behavior seminar at No Limits Archery in Denver, CO where he tackled the question of: "Why Do Elk Still Swing Downwind?"

  • Understanding Ideology

    Regardless of who we are – sportsmen/women or otherwise – if we don't strive to understand how individual, and/or collective, ideologies influence the way that the people we interact with on a daily basis think, we're doomed to fail in effective communication. In this video, Chris goes over some ...