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The Elk Hunting Institute by Roe Hunting Resources is the premiere online resource for elk biology, physiology, ecology, behavior, vocalizations, and communication for hunters and resource managers.

When you understand WHAT you're saying, WHEN you should say it, and - most importantly - WHY you’re saying it, you’ll be able to Make the Right Call® in all of your hunting efforts!

Elk Behavior & Re-Thinking the Rut

Our "Elk Behavior" series covers basic - as well as some very specific - behavioral traits and responses elk exhibit when they're interacting with each other, their habitats, and with us when we're in the field. We explain how those behavioral characteristics should influence your hunting and calling strategies, including the use of decoys.

In addition, it's probably safe to say we all like to chase screaming bulls! But how many of us can actually wait to hunt until the peak of the rut at the END of the season? What if waiting until later in the season might be a mistake? We break down several factors that influence the rut, and rut timing, and we're NOT talking about the Moon Phase!

Bull and Cow Vocalizations & How (and when) to Use Calls

Each subscription includes hours upon hours of instructional videos covering a variety of bull and cow vocalizations which take an in-depth look at what each vocalization means, how to reproduce it, and how you can effectively use each vocalization in the field. In addition to the separate Elk Behavior series, Chris spends some time talking in these series about bull and cow linguistics, behavior and how a particular vocalization should be used to help you become an actual elk linguist.

Once you understand the vocalizations, whether you’re just starting out in the world of elk hunting, or are a seasoned veteran, at some point your thoughts turn to elk calls. But with so many calls to choose from, it can be a bit confusing – if not overwhelming – trying to figure out how different calls are used, how to get the best sound out of them, how they sound in comparison to each other, and which one(s) you should buy. In this extensive series for both cow calls, and bugles and bugle tubes, we not only cover how each of the calls is used and how to get the best sound out of them, we also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each call.

While there are new calls constantly coming out on the market, these series will help you understand the basic types and purpose of each so you can decide whether to purchase (or not) the latest craze.

The Gallery

"The Gallery" puts you in the field - in the HERD - so you can observe and listen to the animals themselves, and learn from the very best. With just a click of a mouse, you can be in elk country any time you want!

Designed to help maximize your comprehensive learning opportunities, "The Gallery - Elk Edition" provides hours worth of multiple video sequences showing wild, free-ranging elk, naturally interacting with one another. From cows interacting with their calves, to big, screaming herd bulls defending their harems, "The Gallery" lets you feel like you're a part of it all!

Like all of Roe Hunting Resources materials, behavioral contexts, interactions, and vocalizations in each video are identified, and explained, from a sound biological, behavioral, and scientific standpoint.

Strategies in Action & Real Elk Sounds

"Strategies in Action" is designed as a companion resource to the "Elk Hunter's Strategy App" and the other instructional videos. This video series lets you see us in the field - using the materials, principles, concepts, strategies, and tactics discussed in the app and the instructional videos - working elk, calling in elk, and hunting elk.

The "Real Elk Sounds" series is the video component of the Jay Scott Outdoors Podcast episodes of "Real Elk Sounds." Through these videos, subscribers can watch the video of the elk actively engaging in the vocalizations, communication, and behavior discussed in the podcast.

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