The Straight Shot - Q&A

The Straight Shot - Q&A

This section complements the forum by allowing Chris to answer your questions in a candid video format so that he can go into more detail and make the material more readily available.

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The Straight Shot - Q&A
  • Does the Elk Module Material Work in Late August?

    Because there are a bunch of videos in the Elk Module from mid- to late-September, a number of folks have asked if the educational materials found within the Elk Module pertain to early archery season hunting in late- or even mid- August. While the short answer is a resounding "YES!", in this vi...

  • Fire and Its Effects on Elk Activity in the Area

    In this video, Chris answers some of the questions regarding how elk respond to fire, and how hunters should evaluate fires - during the event, and after - when determining how and when to hunt in, or adjacent to, the recently burned areas.

  • The Elk Module and Calling Roosevelt Elk

    Chris answers one of the most common questions from folks who typically hunt Roosevelt elk each year, who wonder if the information shared within the Elk Module pertains to hunting coastal elk in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Maintaining Continuity in Your Calling Efforts

    For those wanting a little more clarification regarding when, and if, Chris switches calls during a calling sequence, or why he switches between a single open-reed style call for Lost mews and then to a double reed with Tone Converter for the Assembly mews in the same sequence, this video tries t...

  • Staying Hydrated vs "Scent Control"

    In this video, Chris answers a great question regarding staying hydrated and its effects on scent control - especially when it typically increases your need to urinate.

    Topics covered in this Q&A include:
    - What I do (pee smart)
    - Whitetails vs elk - scrape results
    - Hydration and odor
    - Hydrati...

  • A Question on Preferred Elk Forage

    In this video, Chris responds to a question about the forages elk prefer to eat (as opposed to just what they "will" eat), and leads a discussion on what he focuses on when scouting new areas.

    Topics included in this Q&A include:
    - A few of the forage species elk prefer
    - A couple of forage sp...

  • Elk in the Alpine, and How Long They Stay There

    A question came in on the Elk Forum regarding how long elk typically stay in the alpine during the summer/fall, and if – during summer scouting – you see elk in an alpine bowl, whether or not they most likely represent the bulk of the elk in the associated valley, at that time. Chris answers the...

  • Drawing Your Bow on an Elk

    A question came in through e-mail, asking Chris about the bull he took in 2014, and specifically what the bull was doing when he came to full draw; essentially, how was he able to draw his bow with the bull so close and seemingly out in the open. While the answer to that specific question is rel...