The Straight Shot

The Straight Shot

From tips and tricks, to unbiased gear reviews, The Straight Shot is where Chris gives you his opinions, experience, and analysis regarding a wide variety of topics to help you be more successful, efficient - or even just plain happier - in the field, and on your hunt.

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The Straight Shot
  • Custom Phelps Mouth Diaphragm

    For those who've asked about what mouth call Chris was using in the past, here it is, along with the details of how it came to be! ...if you want to try one, contact Jason Phelps of Phelps Game Calls, and tell him you want to try the "Chris Roe/Roe Hunting Resources version of his "Tag Notcher" ...

  • Listening in Windy Conditions

    While every elk hunter knows it's extremely important to be able to locate elk, often times, you can't locate elk (at least not as efficiently) if you can't hear them. And sometimes, when the wind, terrain, or other environmental factors are working against you in your efforts to hear the animal...

  • Chris' Bugle

    Folks ask all the time about Chris' bugle, and more specifically who makes it, or where they can get one. can build it yourself for pretty cheap, just like Chris did!

  • Hanging Game Bags

    Once an elk is on the ground, the work begins! Part of that "work" is figuring out how and where to stash your meat-laden game bags while you shuttle them out of the hills. In this video, Chris talks about the two schools of thought regarding where to hang your meat (if in fact you need to hang i...