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Cow Bugles and More!

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Real Elk Sounds • 5m 22s

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  • Cow Bugles and More!

    When Jay Scott (Jay Scott Outdoors) posted these video clips to Instagram, I knew I had to get him on to talk about them. In this video, we explore ideas surrounding different tonal signatures of cows, how cows can put vocalizations together, how cows and calves vocalize versus how many hunters c...

  • Episode #161- Lost Mews, Long Mews, a...

    This video provides a great example of how a large group of cows and calves typically communicates while on the move through broken terrain/cover when they feel safe, secure, and relaxed. Here, you’ll hear the variety of vocal signatures cows and calves can have, the range of volume they can expr...

  • Episode #166 - Dominant Bugles

    The bull in this sequence provides some great examples of Dominant Bugles. But the real value of the video is being able to see the bull’s body language, which is a perfect example of why Chris classifies bugles like these as Dominant Bugles rather than “Challenge Bugles.”