Calling Strategies

Calling Strategies

Now that you have an understanding of the vocalizations, and have been able to see elk themselves put those vocalizations into practice in their communication with one another, let's talk about using that information to develop calling strategies.

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Calling Strategies
  • Introduction to the Strategies

    Chris provides an introduction to, and brief explanation of, the Passive, Targeted, and Aggressive strategies he refers to throughout the Strategies in Action and other videos.

  • Why the Apparent Focus on Cow Calling Strategies?

    As folks go through the videos in the Elk Module, invariably the question comes up, "why isn't there more content showing bugling/bull vocalizations strategies? Why the focus so much on cow calling/vocalizations strategies?" In this video, Chris answers that question, and also adds a bit of comme...

  • Cow Calling Strategies Using Calf Vocalizations

    Knowing how to incorporate/use calf vocalizations in your calling efforts can be a tremendous asset when you're dealing with tight-lipped bulls, call-shy cows, or whenever you want, or need, to appeal to a cow's maternal instinct when calling cows in to your calling set-up. In this video, Chris s...

  • Calling Strategies for Calling Cows - Q&A

    Probably one of the most popular questions from folks going through the Elk Module is, "does the information in the Elk Module also pertain to calling cows, and if so, how?" Chris answers that question in this video (the answer is yes, by-the-way).